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Re: [OT] 'real'-names vs. nicks (was Re: Proposal: /etc/friendlynames)

On Sat, Mar 27, 2004 at 03:20:28AM -0800, William Ballard wrote:
> I'd just as soon be in your killfile anyway Branden.

I don't have one.

> Colin just said "thanks."

Is there a problem with people seconding that?  (I hadn't seen his
message at the time I wrote mine, anyway.)

> Meanwhile, I want to nice up my rep. here to the eventual point of 
> getting somebody to accept my packages and all that, but let me just 
> make it clear I'm perfectly happy not conversing with *you*.

Well, that will probably "nice up your rep[utation]" here among *some*
people, anyway, so you're off to a good start.  ;-)

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