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Re: [debian-printing] Packaging of vendor PPD files.

On Wed, 3 Mar 2004 19:07:04 Per Olofsson wrote:
> Are you aware of any PPD-using packages which support translated PPDs?

Worth a look at the the PPD spec, eg:

The spec defines "transation strings" and these are the parts that relate
to the "*LanguageEncoding:".

An application that uses PPD's should look for the "*LanguageEncoding:"
line and treat the transation strings as encoded in that system. The
encoding of the rest of the PPD is prioty much ASCII codes x for 32<x<127

Look in the spec for the exact wording.

I have got a python script that extracts the Transation Strings and
converts them into unicode (from MacStandard) and then converts them into

This can easiy be changed to output another encoding (ie utf-8) and auto
detect the input encodeing as Python2.3 has fantastic encoding/reencoding

The script could be extended to lookup the unicode strings in a transation
table and so transate the strings from one language to another.

You can find an early version of the script in hp-ppd debian source
package or later versions at:

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