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Re: [custom] Generalizing building scripts of meta packages

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
[I think I should foreward this to debian-devel even if I quote small parts
 of your private mails...]

> I think this is a  good idea. What are  you planning to include in the
> cdd-dev package exactly? A template for a custom source meta-package?

Just try to get an Alioth account and I'll add you to the project.

> What is the package <cdd>-common supposed to contain exactly? Specific
> files and data for the CDD?
The (current and future) med-common has debconf templates for administration
of med - users, a simple script which just showas some information which each
other med - package is symlinking to.  This enables auto-apt usage like this:

   ~ auto-apt -x -y run
   $ med-bio

Med-bio and its dependencies will be installed automagically which
is kind of cool when demonstrating it in workshops or at a exhibition
booth, but not really honest stuff.  So the main thing is the user
administration currently but I'm pretty sure that there will be additional
uses of a common package in the future.

> Yes, I think regenerating the control file  at every build is a better
> choice.
OK.  In any case you are free to do it once by calling cdd-gen-control
outside of your debian/rules file.

Kind regards


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