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Re: Re: Approved

As a veteran of the USAF, I feel as though you haven't said enough.  I think we need too look at the world as a wonderful place too live.  I think we need to say too each other that peace is a solution worth not fighting for.  I think we can't just look at what other's have done to us, but also what we have done too others.  Do I love America; you're damn straight I do.  Do I think that we've been just in all of our endeavors involving other human beings? No!  I hate to say that because we try too come off as "the special" human beings on this earth.  Want too make a website, try making one that involves the kinds of scenes you've depicted from every country, be it from war, from famine or natural disaster.  We all suffer. It is a global responsibility that we now share.  I hope you might become more enlightened by this email.  I hope you might find some words of encouragement to keep transforming yourself from one who not only thinks of other Americans, but as one who thinks of all humankind.  God Bless you in what you're trying to do and may he show you the way he would love it too be seen.


A fellow Earthling


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