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Re: Bug#235806: ITP: apt-best -- [...]

> However, I have to agree with Gustavo regarding the name. This
> isn't really a tool of the same genre as the apt toolset and the name is
> misleading

This program is really related to apt. What it does it to parse the output
apt-cache and adds a score to each package line (in that I like apt-popular)

> I also agree that something that mentions packages would be
> good.

Here are some more suggestions:

popular-package or popack or pp
dpp (debian popular packages)

>BTW Have you considered the possibility that what you are proposing would
>make a great web site?

Yes I thought about it. There's already a simplistic web site at
This could really be improved in functionalities and in its aspect
(volunteers are welcome)

I don't know which is the better thing :
* a web site :
    - PRO : wider public, could interest non debian users, always up to date
    - CONS : console users would probably not use it (unless it is lynx

* a CLI tool :
    - PRO : would not require internet access, admin public
    - CONS : needs to be updated on a frequent basis (popularity scores

Also I thought there could be a generic tool among all distributions
(debian, redhat, mandrake, ...).
because programs are common among them
This has the advantage of using more source of popularity

Anyway I've started to write this tool for debian at the moment and would
really like
if it could be incorporated in the debian standard packages

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