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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

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On 2004-03-09 21:34, Conrad Newton wrote:
> I am not questioning the usefulness of cfengine---and yes, it is used
> by skolelinux to configure the system.  My question is, is this the
> rational thing to do?  Don't packages and configuration go together?
> The problem with building custom configurations into packages is of
> course that in the end, you may have 200 different configurations,
> or 20,000.  When you include different configuration possibilities
> in the packages, where do you draw the line?

IMHO what CDD's are looking for is a not so much a way to do custom 
configuration, but more of a way to specify custom defaults (that are more 
suited to the particular situation/setup of the CDD's target group then the 
general default specified by the maintainer). 

IMHO debconf pre-seeding is/should be the mechanism used to do that. Further 
more I have the impression that more or less everybody involved with the 
CDD's agrees with this, _but_ that other DD's currently don't share this 

The argument against using debconf this way is usually that this would 
present the user with to many questions on installation of the package, 
though as Petter explains in [1] you could use hidden debconf questions 
which would alleviate the problem.

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Cheers, cobaco
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