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Re: broken package dependencies, surgery on package database

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 15:05, Richard Weil wrote:

> I compiled the 2.4.23 kernel and alsa, i2c and
> lm-sensors using kernel-package to make .debs. Since
> I'm now a couple of kernels further along, I selected
> all of the packages for removal (purge actually)
> during a dselect upgrade. The kernel and alsa were
> removed, but i2c and lm-sensors were left in a broken
> state. With these packages broken, I could no longer
> use dselect or aptitude -- they kept getting hung up
> on the problem packages.
> I recomplied the 2.4.23 kernel, alsa, i2c and
> lm-sensors and reinstalled them, thinking I might then
> be able to remove them in the correct order. No go. I
> have tried all of the various dpkg permutations I'm
> aware of (from man page) to remove or otherwise
> un-break these packages. Still a no go.

What exactly happens when you try
dpkg --purge
on those packages?

> So, is there a way for me to directly manipulate the
> package database to remove all traces of these
> packages? Can I go into /var/lib/dpkg and edit certain
> files so that at least dselect will no longer hang?


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