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Re: [RFC] User Accesable Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

On Monday 29 March 2004 17.57, Zackary Deems wrote:
> /home
> typically is not created with enough space to support application

Don't know about typically. But it's often enough the case, I guess. Also: the 
backup system gets loaded with lots of application binaries which probably 
don't need to be backupped, really.

> installs, for one;  two, the average desktop user is not going to know
> enough to watch the available space, potentially creating a DoS for
> himself

Agree, but this is already the case (and to a much bigger extent) with .mp3 
files and such things. As long as the user doesn't install the whole KDE 
locally, things should stay relatively small (Ok, lessens my concerns  above 
about backup systems)

> and everyone else on that machine when /home fills up (this is 

Then the admin is to blame. Set up disk quotas.

> not quite as much of an issue for distributions which use flat partition
> structures).  Administering a machine with software installed in ~/
> would also be far more difficult and would require much larger changes
> to the package managers currently in use.. or it would require keeping
> multiple package databases.. which would be even uglier for administration.

Isn't the whole idea that the admin has got nothing to do with all that. It's 
the users' home directories, and the idea is exactly that users can install 
software without bothering the admin.

So the only thing the admin will have to care about is changing libraries the 
software installed in ~/... uses. But this is already the case, sophisticated 
users already have local stuff installed.

-- vbi

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