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Re: [debian-printing] Packaging of vendor PPD files.

On Monday 01 Mar 2004 11:01 am, Per Olofsson wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 06:16 +0100, Bernd S. Brentrup wrote:
> > btw: the CD accompanying my Kyocera-Mita FS1020DN contains PPDs for
> > almost all Kyocera printers I know of (all MIT-licensed), they might
> > be included as well.
> Many free PPDs are available at
> <http://www.linuxprinting.org/download/PPD/>, including Epson and
> Kyocera drivers. Perhaps all of these should be put in a package, such
> as cupsys-ppds?

The Kyocera PPDs supplied by Kyocera are of a much higher quality than the 
ones at linuxprinting.org. They allow use of multiple trays and other 
specific features of Kyocera printers.

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