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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

Le mer 31/03/2004 à 11:46, Nik a écrit :
> It forced me to install LILO. I HATE lilo. The thing has no 
> business being on my drive. I expect grub as an option. And why does it force 
> me to install a bootloader anyway? Gentoo never does that. I could happily 
> keep my grub that I still have from Suse. 


> And as far as documentation goes: Gentoo has a beautiful step by step manual 
> on how to get the system up and running. You don't even have to dig for it. 
> It is right there for you. Could not say the same about Debian. Debian rather 
> tells you that they do not need a beginner like you.

It seems you made the effort to read the Gentoo installation manual, but
not the Debian installation manual. No wonder why you were lucky with
only one installation...

It is surely because DEBAIN TEH SU><0R GENT00 OWNZ Y4 L4M4RZ.
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