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Re: [RFC] User Accesable Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Scripsit Gary L Greene Jr <greeneg@student.gvsu.edu>

> URL to get to the document is:

> http://www.csis.gvsu.edu/~abreschm/uafhs/

Another problem is that any standard that just says ~/.bin or
something like that (~/$FOO/bin) will be inherently broken on sites
where NFS-mounted home directories are shared between machines of
different architectures. That may not be a problem for living-room
home machines (yet!), but as soon as one looks at at-work setups, it
is possibility that needs to be considered.

In order for a standard to be robust enough to deserve widespread
adoptance it needs a more complex system, perhaps something like


in a fairly diverse hypothetical environment.

One needs different .../share for each vendor, because FHS /usr/share
is only sharable between different architectures of the *same*
OS. (This is not widely known; I only learned it when I tried having
my own equivalent ot /usr/share/terminfo on a NFS $HOME, and watched
it malfunction once I logged into one of the HP-UX boxen we ran then).

Still, one probably wants ~/.debian/share/texmf and
~/.solaris/share/texmf to symlinked to each other, nevertheless...

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