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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> Andreas,  I've read again your paper  and I've just  noticed that your
> are referencing #186085 (maybe the first time I was too tired, or it's
> newly added).
I'm continousely workiing on this paper and you might expect daily (perhaps
hourly) changes on it.  The official announcement will be done when I finished
the draft and than it will be moved to a CVS repository on Alioth.

> Is  it critical for  Debian that all the  packages belonging to a task
> fit on this first CD?  After all having to change  a CD-ROM during the
> installation should not that big deal for a user, but I may be missing
> something..
Don't ask me.  I have a different opinion but there was no support from
other developers.  Feel free to post your opinion to the BTS.

> Considering now that DVD readers and  burners are becoming cheaper and
> more popular, this issue might be partly solved in the near future. On
> http://www.debian-cd.com/ they already produce woody/sarge DVDs.
On the other hand I think that CDs are the most popular medium we should
care for and thus we should keeping a working CD solution in mind.

> Would a general, CDD independent, framework for automatically creating
> such ISO/DVD images make sense? For example  there might be scripts on
> a server   which  take  care  of creating    and updating  such images
> according to the dependences of  the task packages  of a given CDD, or
> to some sort  of  rules defined inside  in  one of  its  task packages
> (e.g. debian-med-cd).
Yes this would definitely make sense and the problem can be split into
two flavours:
  1) A single CDD install CD for each CDD would be a nice thing to have.
     I think the debian-edu project (=Skolelinux) is much in an advance

     => We need tools to build such a CDD install CD

  2) We need a (Knoppix derived) Live CD for demonstration purposes
     for each CDD (see various threads on debian-devel and debian-knoppix
     project on Alioth.

     => We need tools to build an easily customizable Knoppix CD which
        can be builded from scratch by using Debian-Mirror and Debian tools

I consider 1) and 2) as different tasks because I doubt that you can get
a clean installation if you use the install feature from Knoppix.  Moreover
a more or less unattended installation process (as Skolelinux is doing it
currently) is a vital feature and I doubt that we are able to combine this
with the Knoppix approach.

This will be mentioned in a future part of my draft of the paper.

Kind regards


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