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Re: broken package dependencies, surgery on package database

On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 03:25:23PM -0800, Richard Weil <rcweil@yahoo.com> was heard to say:
> The dependencies are as follows:
> o  alsa depends on the kernel
> o  lm-sensors depends on i2c and the kernel
> o  i2c depends on the kernel

  Ok, thanks.

> When I purged the packages, I selected all of them --
> the kernel, alsa, i2c and lm-sensors -- for removal.
> However, dselect only removed the kernel and alsa. The
>  packaging system is now irretrievably stuck on the
> broken i2c and lm-sensors packages.

  What do you mean by "irretrievably stuck"?  ie, what happens when you
try to purge the packages from aptitude?  Or dselect/dpkg for that
matter; it should be the same.

  You should just be able to remove the packages without hacking the
package database; if that's failing, we should try to remove them
cleanly before going in with a chainsaw.  Most likely a prerm script is
failing, in which case, if worst comes to worst, you can just edit the
offending script to fix it.


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