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Bug in apmd debian scripts


in /etc/apm/apmd_proxy script it says

if [ we are going to suspend ]; then
	run-parts /etc/apm/suspend.d

in suspend.d you have symlinks to /etc/apm/scripts.d

this does not work because run-parts only executes script but does 
NOT follow links to scripts

And btw it's highly confusing that we have more than one possibility 
to run scripts on suspend/resume events
1. from /etc/apm/event.d
2. from /etc/apm/resume.d
3. from /etc/apm/suspend.d
4. from /etc/apm/other.d

... etc

I'd vote for seperate dirs like
suspend.d  (all suspend requests)
standby.d (all standby requests)
resume.d (all resume requests)
battery.d (change battery request ( the request that tells us when 
battery is low)

and other.d (for other change requests)

and completely remove script.d because it doesnt work anyway and 
remove events.d because it makes thing more difficult than needed 
and its function is less obvious than the folder approach.

Just my 2 cents

Clemens Wacha            wacha@gmx.ch            ICQ:12620942

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