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[custom] Subproject HOWTO is going to be orphaned


after private discussion with Ben Armstrong we decided to take over the
contents of the package subproject-howto into the new document covering
Custom Debian Distributions.  I managed to take over and to update the
contents today and just want to let you know that bug fixes, comments and
enhancements should be sended (at least in CC) to my adress to get
changes to subproject-howto and my document in sync.  Interested people
might have a lock at:


(Source can be found in
    http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/paper-cdd/en/06_starting.sgml )

Thanks to Ben Armstrong for his fine work.  If my document is finished I'll
build a package which "Replaces" the subproject-howto package (which Ben
agreed to).

Kind regards


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