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Re: [adam@flounder.net: Re: testing and no release schedule]

On Tue, Mar 30, 2004 at 03:27:44PM +1100, Russell Coker wrote:

> I agree that context switching is not going to cause any significant harm on 
> most machines.  But disk cache use is a more serious issue.  On a modern 
> machine with a couple of Gig of RAM it probably won't be a problem to have a 
> dozen compiles running at the same time on account of disk cache.  On an 
> older and smaller machine things will be quite different.  I wouldn't run two 
> compiles at the same time on one of the original Pentium machines either.

Why not? It's fast enough?
I think when even arrakis (040/40 with 64 MB) can deal happily with two
parallel builds without losing too much time, every other machine should be
able as well. 
Granted, arrakis has 7 SCSI disks on two different hostadapters with 5
distributed swap partitions that are making swapping wonderful smooth, even
if some evil perl tasks use >590 MB of memory. 
Sure, parallel builds don't speed up things, but they don't necessarily need
to slow down things either, when you do it right. 

Well, if someone would ask me, I'd vote for removing this strange "this is a
buildd, please don't use it for manual builds"-motd policy. It does not make
any sense to me. When the buildd admin thinks, it will slow down the
machine, he could get some more machines to broaden the load. And I don't
think that f.e. mips has a hardware problem at all... 

Ciao...              // 
      Ingo         \X/

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