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Re: Binary-only firmware covered by the GPL?

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 11:53:54PM +0100, Stefan Smietanowski wrote:
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
> >
> >Well IANAL, but it seems not so cut-n-dried, at least.
> >
> >Firmware is a program that executes on another processor, so no linking 
> >is taking place at all.  It is analagous to shipping a binary-only 
> >program in your initrd, IMO.
> Except the firmware itself is GPL in this case.

If that is the case, we cannot distribute it at all. No "should we or
shouldn't we" - it's not legal.

You cannot redistribute a binary image that is licensed under the GPL
if you have no way to provide the source for it.

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