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alioth is dead.

Since d-i moved to alioth after the Debian server compromise we have had:

1. A dead power supply, and the machine down for several days.
2. A hasty and badly executed move to a new machine, in which the first
   replacement machine didn't work, and so alioth was hopped to yet
   another one.
   During this move, basic services like subversion, lists, and email
   were offline for most of a week. Some repositories even lost commits
   because they were moved in the wrong order.
3. When d-i transitioned to subversion, we discovered that alioth's svn
   was unable to scale up to any serious level of activity. We found
   numerous races in the hackish cron jobs that tried to work around
   the design flaws in alioth's permissions system for subversion.
4. Today, alioth's root partition is full. Its database is offline. Its
   server cert has apparently expired. viewcvs is broken for subversion,
   as is browsing with apache, as is anonymous svn. Its web interface is

It's clear to me that alioth is not being sufficiently maintained, and
that continuing to use it is not sustainable if this goes on.

Before the d-i project goes off and finds our own machine to host our
repository on, I just want to know if there is are any general plans to
either set up a new general hosting service for Debian, or possibly
maintain alioth again.

see shy jo

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