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Re: Binary-only firmware covered by the GPL?

Hi Pavel.

But the firmware didn't appear out of thin air - someone wrote it
somehow. If that's using a hex editor or inside the C code doesn't
matter, but most likely they used some other language like either
C or assembly (no, not all firmware is written using assembly), and
there are cases where some are in fact written using a hex editor but
I can't remember any that has been for the last 30 or so years but
I'm sure there has been cases where there hasn't been a working

If my code contains picture of human, do I have to provide his DNA, too?

No, that's where we come into the whole issue of IP.

If I have a picture of you then you can always LICENSE your IP to me,
but I don't think you NEED to license it to me :)

Unless you consider your IP to be in the public domain.

// Stefan

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