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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

#include <hallo.h>
* Gabe Stevens [Wed, Mar 24 2004, 10:29:53PM]:

> Then my roommate challenged me to see who could get a Gentoo (1.2)
> installation up and running first. A light went on. There documentation was
> thorough and written in simple steps which a monkey could follow (apparently

That is what we need in Debian, IMHO. Too many maintainers concentraty
on the diversity, while 90% of the users coming from MS boXen do NOT
need it immediately. Instead, they need a next->next->next howto or
installer, leading to a KNOPPIX like system.

OTOH, I think you are confused now and tell us wrong things. The
installer provides the fine "Next step or Next Alternative" buttons, it
is hard to miss them. So do you really explain your attitude honestly?
So which problems did REALLY make problems in your first Debian install?

> what I needed). I learned more on that weekend about linux and the computer
> in general then all the messing around I'd done before. In subsequent months
> by doing everything command line style, and most importantly editing
> configuration files I became passably fluent in linux in general. I stayed

Ha, haha. Never claim this.

> By far my favorite feature of the Gentoo system is that their installer can
> run without putting my other desktop out of commission, either from Knoppix
> or from another distro with which I was comfortable. I don't know if any
> other distros can be installed from within a running system, but I'd love to
> hear about it if they can be.

WTF? Why did you not read the Debian Install manual, there is a whole
chapter explaining this.

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Schnarche und Du schläfst allein.

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