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Re: [debian-printing] Packaging of vendor PPD files.

"Pedro M." <pmacv@telefonica.net> writes:

> Roger Leigh escribió:

>>Gimp-Print PPDs are fully internationalised.  Unfortuately the PPD
>>spec doesn't provide for multiple languages in a single file, so for
>>each supported printer model there is a PPD for each language.  Since
>>this would take up over 20 MiB, I only provide English ones at
>>In the future, they will be generated at install time.
>>WRT UTF-8, I believe that some software is buggy when handling non
>>8-bit encodings (Windows drivers?).  Since the PPDs will be used on
>>whatever clients OSes might wish to submit print jobs, we've stuck
>>with Latin1 for the time being.
> What about use po files ?? or dowload a locale version from the
> default driver ( dowloading the locale version from the internet using
> the default installed package).

What exactly about po files?  We use them when *generating* localised
PPDs at build time.  They can't be translated on-the-fly when they are
used by some client application (it wouldn't know where to find the
message catalogue, and that other program might be running another OS
with no access to the catalogues at all).

In the next release, the PPD generator (cups-genppd), will be
installed so that the user can generate PPDs in whatever language they
like, but it will still not be automatic.

Roger Leigh

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