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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

Hey there,

as a Gentoo user I have to tell you that YES, you are loosing users to Gentoo. 
Namely you have lost me. Many others too probably.

I actually tried my luck with Debian first. So why did I turn to Gentoo?

Well, because the Debian install process was simply horrible. I do NOT want to 
fiddle with jigdo and the likes. I want to download an ISO or a webinstall CD 
and be done with it. So I got myself the unstable webinstall ISO and popped 
into my drive. It forced me to install LILO. I HATE lilo. The thing has no 
business being on my drive. I expect grub as an option. And why does it force 
me to install a bootloader anyway? Gentoo never does that. I could happily 
keep my grub that I still have from Suse. 

So Debian fisted my master boot record with lilo and had half a day fun 
getting rid of lilo and putting grub back into place. Only to find out that 
Debian would not install the package groupes I selected in the web installer 
because of some conflict or other arbitrary problem (?). 

You may ask why I did not use the stable version? Well I want a somewhat 
recent system that supports my hardware!

And as far as documentation goes: Gentoo has a beautiful step by step manual 
on how to get the system up and running. You don't even have to dig for it. 
It is right there for you. Could not say the same about Debian. Debian rather 
tells you that they do not need a beginner like you.

So, yes, Gentoo IS all about choice. And Debian ... i doubt I will try that 
again. Maybe I'll install a Knoppix. But Debian directly ??? NO !!!


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