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Re: [custom] Generalizing building scripts of meta packages

>>>>> On Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:04:14 +0100 (CET), Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> said:

    Andreas> Hi, I'm currently working on the move from the former
    Andreas> packaging method of Debian-Med meta packages to the
    Andreas> Debian-Edu scheme which builds all meta packages from one
    Andreas> source.  I'd like to uses as much as possible common code
    Andreas> which will end up in a cdd-dev package which might be
    Andreas> used by all Custom Debian Distributions.  (I'll check
    Andreas> this into alioth once it is up and running again.)

I think this is a  good idea. What are  you planning to include in the
cdd-dev package exactly? A template for a custom source meta-package?

    Andreas> The first changes I did are regarding gen-control script
    Andreas> of debian-edu

    Andreas> Changes to gen-control - Use /etc/cdd/sources.list as
    Andreas> default sources.list If "-s <dist>" is specified
    Andreas> /etc/cdd/sources.list.<dist> is used.  Otherwise the
    Andreas> argument to option -s is used as sources.list.  -

Ok. I admit I do not fully understand  the arguments on this issue you
state below,  but, as long a  custom sources.list can be specified via
the -s option, everything is fine for me.

    Andreas> /tmp/cdd-apt is used as $aptdir The rationale behind this
    Andreas> is to keep the cache stored on building machine even
    Andreas> after cleaning up build directory. 

    Andreas>- The file
    Andreas> debian/control.stub is searched for an entry "^Package:
    Andreas> <cdd>".  If this is found it is used as prefix for the
    Andreas> packages, so the builded packages are named as
    Andreas> <cdd>-{task1,task2,task3,...}.  The default cdd remains
    Andreas> "education-".  

Good.  Having one single  point to edit  when customising the template
would be great.

    Andreas> - If there is a common directory a
    Andreas> <cdd>-common package is builded as well.  In this case a
    Andreas> file common/control must be provided.

What is the package <cdd>-common supposed to contain exactly? Specific
files and data for the CDD?

    Andreas> This changes would not require any change in the
    Andreas> debian-edu packaging stuff.  I just want to discuss the
    Andreas> fact that Building meta packages might depend from the
    Andreas> configuration of cdd-dev (*if* /etc/cdd/sources.list is
    Andreas> used).  The rationale behind this was that when
    Andreas> *developing* the packages on different machines (perhaps
    Andreas> offline with a local mirror) you can work nicely and meta
    Andreas> packages are normally architecture "all" - thus no
    Andreas> problems with auto builders are to be expected.  Moreover
    Andreas> you are always free to provide a source.list file for
    Andreas> your *final* build of the package while using the "-s"
    Andreas> option as before.

    Andreas> What is your opinion about uding /tmp/cdd-apt to keep the
    Andreas> apt-cache?

Fine for me.

    Andreas> What do you think about building debian/control for every
    Andreas> build instead of calling gen-control only once and
    Andreas> continue with the created debian/control file.

Yes, I think regenerating the control file  at every build is a better


Free Ekanayaka

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