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Re: [Debian on the Grid]

Andrew Suffield <asuffield@debian.org> writes:
> Mozilla doesn't even build properly with -O2 on most platforms. You
> are kidding about using the pentium 4 stuff, right?

He wasn't kidding, obviously.

Since he was interested in building a Mozilla binary optimized for his
Pentium 4, how Mozilla builds on other platforms probably isn't a
pressing concern.

On the i386 and related architectures, Mozilla certainly builds with
"-O2" (or "-O3", with a few exceptions), and many people including
myself have been using "-O2 -march=pentiumpro" or "-O3
-march=pentiumpro" builds for ages.  There are also reports of
successful Mozilla and Firebird builds with "-O2 -march=pentium3" in
Bugzilla, so considering an "-O2 -march=pentium4" build is hardly a

There's only one open bug on this:


but it's a year old and the corresponding GCC bug mentioned at the
bottom has since been resolved and is fixed in GCC 3.3.3.

Compiling with "gcc-3.3", Paul might very well get a working binary.
There's probably only way to find out.

I don't have a Pentium 4 machine available to me, but I just compiled
"mozilla" 1.6-1 with:

        debian/rules OPT_FLAGS="-O2 -DDEBIAN -march=pentium3" build

using "gcc" and "g++" 4:3.3.2-2.  It built the binary without error,
and the resulting browser seems capable of viewing web pages without

Paul's mileage may vary.

Kevin <buhr@telus.net>

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