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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers (continued)

On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, Benj. Mako Hill wrote:

> I'm willing to host it in an open CVS repository straight away. Lets
> talk offlist about the details.
I hope for Alioth in a couple of days ..

> Is there a reason it's debiandoc and not DocBook SGML or XML? If not,
> I'd be happy to do the conversion.
Well my first paper about Debian-Med
is in linuxdoc.  I had to convert it into XML with a certain
for LinuxTag.  I feltt not really happy with both formats.
So I had a look at what other Debian develoers do for this purpose
in terms of Custom Debian Distributions.  The only available
document was the subproject-howto and it was written in debiandoc.

The only missing feature is a <figure> tag (bug #140684).  As usual
Debian tools are relieable and good work and it seems to me apropriate
to uses debiandoc for Debian related documentation.  But if there are
good reasons to use other formats I would not complain if someone
has enouth time to convert this to any other format.  My only condition
for accepting a conversion is that also the Makefile will be convertet
and is able to produce *all* contained targets with free tools.

Kind regards


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