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Re: Bug#235806: ITP: apt-best -- [...]

Stephen Birch <sgbirch@imsmail.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 03 March 2004 14:32, Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:
>> Looks like 'apt for the people' to me. I would not really use the apt
>> namespace for that package, and have something that mentions 'packages'
>> in the name, I guess.
> Mathieu:
> I really like the idea of this function, I suspect it will be extremely 
> useful. However, I have to agree with Gustavo regarding the name. This 
> isn't really a tool of the same genre as the apt toolset and the name is 
> misleading. I also agree that something that mentions packages would be 
> good.

Note that I was only saying that apt-best is misleading. I am not
involved in that project in any way.

I largelly prefer relying on popularity-contest results, that speaks
much more to my eyes about popularity of debian packages than any php
voting tool on earth. 

It would be great if the tool proposed by chatiman@free.fr was working
with popcon results (with the possibility of selecting only popcon


Mathieu Roy

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