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[debconf4] Some survey about flights to Brazil

(debconf4 people, sorry to bother you again...this list is quickly updated)

Hi folks,

A few days ago, I started to look over for flights (cheap
flights...:-)) for going to Debconf4.

This started because I wanted to find *my* flight, but after all, I
imagined this could be used by others.

Please feel free to send me your own bargains, of course.....The
survey does not pretend to be exhaustive and local travel agencies may
offer best prices.

In the following, POA is Porto Alegre, GRU is Sao Paolo Intl airport,
CGH is the other Sao Paulo airport (mostly for internal flights)

Prices are EUR for Europe (with mention of local equivalent for
old-style european countries) and USD for others.

The USA survey is currently a bit short as is the Japanese survey.

For Europe, you will see that sometimes, it becomes a bit more
interesting to book a flight to GRU, then buy a local flight (with
Gol) from CGH to POA. Sometimes, it is not more interesting....This

You will also laugh with Barcelon people connecting at Milano and
Milano people connecting at Barcelona..:-). That is airfares crazyness.

Flights from Europe (prices in EURO)

>From       To       Company       Connection        Price   Who
Amsterdam  GRU      Alitalia      Milan              742         www.expedia.com
Barcelona  GRU      Alitalia      Milan              708         www.expedia.com
Frankfurt  GRU      Varig         -                  861         www.expedia.com
Lisboa     GRU      KLM           Amsterdam          785         www.expedia.com
London     GRU      Air France    Paris              744(501GBP) www.expedia.com
Madrid     GRU      BA            London             713         www.expedia.com
Milan      GRU      Iberia        Barcelona          713         www.expedia.com
Oslo       GRU      BA            London             846(7165NOK)www.expedia.com
Paris      GRU      Air France    -                  594         www.expedia.com
Stockholm  GRU      Alitalia      Milan              722         www.expedia.com
Zurich     GRU      Alitalia      Milan              847(1323CHF)www.expedia.com

Amsterdam  POA      KLM           GRU                866         www.expedia.com
Barcelona  POA      TAP           Lisboa, Rio        843         www.expedia.com
Frankfurt  POA      Varig         GRU                926         www.expedia.com
Lisboa     POA      TAP           Recife            1002         www.expedia.com
London     POA      AF+Varig      Paris,GRU         1068(719GBP) www.expedia.com
Madrid     POA      Air France    Paris, Rio         852         www.expedia.com
Milan      POA      Lufthansa     Frankfurt,GRU      920         www.expedia.com
Oslo       POA      BA            London            1057(8953NOK)www.expedia.com
Paris      POA      Varig         GRU                706         www.expedia.fr
Paris      POA      TAM           GRU                880         www.expedia.com
Stockholm  POA      Iberia        Madrid, GRU        894         www.expedia.com
Zurich     POA      Swiss         London, GRU        998(1668CHF)www.expedia.com

Flights from USA (prices in USD)

>From       To       Company       Connection        Price        Who
Miami      POA      Varig         GRU               550          http://www.varigbrasil.com/english/fares/off_four.html
Los Ang.   POA      Varig         GRU               772          http://www.varigbrasil.com/english/fares/off_four.html
New York   POA      Varig         GRU               722          http://www.varigbrasil.com/english/fares/off_four.html

Flights from Japan (prices in USD)

>From       To       Company       Connection        Price        Who
Tokyo      GRU      Continental   Houston           1400(151kJPY)www.expedia.com
*Tokyo     POA      AA		  Dallas,Atlanta    765+550      www.expedia.com
                                  Miami,GRU         1315(142kJPY)http://www.varigbrasil.com/english/fares/off_four.html

(*) Should be booked separately. Connections not that bad..:-)

Internal flights from Sao Paulo (GRU, CGH) to POA
CGH-POA (return) : 
611BRL=214USD (day)

GRU-POA (return) :
224BRL=77USD (night)

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