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announcing new release of dpkg

The Dpkg Development Team are pleased to announce the release of
dpkg 2.0!

This long-awaited release finally solves many of the problems and gripes
experienced by Debian maintainers, including:

  * Internationalization support for all control fields and changelogs,
    including UTF-8 character set support.

  * Support for the policy-mandated "Enhances" field and for the
    long-suggested "Breaks" and "Oppressed" fields.

  * Much improved configuration file handling, with support for non-dpkg
    utilities such as debconf to get involved in the updating and user

  * Multi-arch support allowing simultaneous installation of library
    packages from any supported architecture on your platform.

  * Support for GPG-signed binary packages and verification of
    signatures during installation.

  * File-based dependencies to easier support non-Debian packages,
    you may depend on "/usr/lib/libxml2.so" rather than having to find
    out the real package name.

  * New single-file source package format which allows multiple
    pristine tar and patches to be included, mandates the new
    single "spec" control file instead of the old debian/ directory.

  * Much improved user-interface through the new comnmand-line tool.

As this new version is packaged under a different name, there may be a
short delay before the ftpmasters process it.

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