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Re: [custom] Updated docs regarding meta package building

El Wed, Mar 31, 2004 at 09:41:36PM +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> > I've similar problems  :/.  I've checked out  the CVS tree of  the cdd
> > project, but I didn't find the time to look inside. I think I'll do it
> > the next week.
> Just talk about this to people.  I'm sure we can attract more people
> currently beeing outside of Debian if they catch the idea ...
> > Which discussion? I'm really interested on the subject..
>     http://people.debian.org/~tille/debian-med/talks/paper-cdd/debian-cdd.html/ch-todo.en.html#s-liveCD

  I'm still very interested in the CDDs and all the work Andreas is
  doing, but I've been quite busy lately.
  I'll try to cach up with the documents and code that is beeing written
  and see what I can do to help.
  By the way, I sent an e-mail to the meta-distros mailing list some time
  ago and asked them to enter in the LiveCD disscusion we started, but
  the answer from the main project leader was that the objectives of
  Metadistros are not similar to the ones of the Debian-Knoppix project
  and that they can't be joined for several reasons.
  In his explanations he said that the main problem is that Debian wants
  a Debian tool to make its own LiveCDs but Metadistros wants to give
  tools to let anyone create a distribution that can be used as LiveCD
  and/or installed and be based in whatever linux distribution the user

  As he sees it, instead of *marrying* them more with Debian their idea
  is to separate their code to be independent of any distribution,
  letting their system work with any distribution.

  Anyway, he said that if they can cooperate in any way they will be
  happy to do it.

  If anyone wants to read his original e-mail, it is archived here (in


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