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Re: [OT] 'real'-names vs. nicks (was Re: Proposal: /etc/friendlynames)

On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 03:40:42PM +0100, cobaco wrote:
> Personally I prefer to use my screenname and not my 'real' name when online, 
> in my experience it is _more_ distinctive (I remember searching on the 
> icq-site for my icq-number back some years back, there where 6 other 
> Belgians named 'Bart Cornelis', I have yet to run into another 'cobaco')
> What makes a name real (in my eyes) is the fact that it clearly designates 1 
> specific person, whether the particular name is recognized and archived by 
> your respective government is completely irrelevant for most all practical 
> purposes (legal matters being the only exception I can think of).

What's wrong with

 From: Bart "cobaco" Cornelis


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