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Bug#235808: ftp.debian.org: remove outdated kaffe ports

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: important

Dear ftp-masters,

I'm trying to have kaffe in testing but at the moment, kaffe only build
on i386 and powerpc. In order to have kaffe in Sarge, I've just uploaded
a kaffe package that will claim to be buildable only on powerpc and
i386. If you remove other arches, I'll be able to close the RC bugs on

I prefer to have kaffe on two arches in Sarge than having *no free JDK*
in Sarge at all!

When kaffe will be in testing, I'll upload next release with arch: any
to try to have it build on the most arches.

I'm open to any suggestion but I think the removal of kaffe for every
arches other than i386 and powerpc is the best solution.

Please remove kaffe (and jikes-kaffe) for:

alpah arm hppa ia64 m68k s390 spark

Many thanks for your attention,


 : :' :rnaud
 `. `'  

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