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Re: Are we losing users to Gentoo?

Quoting Nik (my_junk@gmx.net):

> and be done with it. So I got myself the unstable webinstall ISO and popped 
> into my drive. It forced me to install LILO. I HATE lilo. The thing has no 
> business being on my drive. I expect grub as an option. And why does it force 

You tested a beta version of the installer. Would you have tested the
latest beta, you would have grub out of the box.

Would you have read the documentation, you would have found that
"linux expert" would have offer you grub as an option.

You're perfectly entitled in whining about Debian this or Debian that.

But don't whine with lies. You tested a beta version : you got what
you tested -> a beta system. 

And, sorry for this, but people writing hate words about a software
which maybe has dozens of flaws and is maybe outdated, but is here
nearly since Linux started, give a poor impression of themselves....

The free software world is not a place for hate, sorry.

By the way, if Gentoo better fits your needs, then it's OK for
everybody : Gentoo has won a happy user and Debian lost a non
contributive user:


This is a win/win situation.

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