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Re: [custom] Generalizing building scripts of meta packages

On Mon, 29 Mar 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> Nice. I think this  shows that the  possibility to have a <cdd>-common
> package which is not auto-generated from the a  tasks/* file is a good
> thing, and everybody is free to use it in the way he/she prefers.
> On the  other  hand, speaking   about possible debconf  questions  and
> automatic system  configuration, I like very  much the approach of the
> debian-edu-config/debian-edu-install packages.    That  means having a
> separate source package (after all this is not  a task package), which
> holds a pre-canned  set of debconf values  to inject and which manages
> everything else via cfengine.
Well, the reason is that I did not had the time to check this package
and just tied to implement all stuff I need into a similiar build system.
Just regard all I have done as a "request for comment" work and feel
free to send patches.
[Damn Alioth seems to be down once again :-((]

> My only    concern   is   that   I'd  move    the   debconf  part   of
> debian-edu-install into debian-edu-config. This way everything related
> with configuration  is  managed in a  single  source package which I'd
> call  "<cdd>-config",  while I'd  call   the  source package  for  the
> <cdd>-<task> packages "<cdd>-tasks", and a possible installation level
> package "<cdd>-install".
May be it would make sense to move <cdd>-common to a separate source
package (I do not care about the name here - but the user menu configuration
and auto-apt - helper, etc.)

Kind regards


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