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Re: [RFC] User Accesable Filesystem Hierarchy Standard

Le sam, 27/03/2004 à 17:34 -0500, Gary L Greene Jr a écrit :

> This is a proposal for a standard to accommodate the accessibility of the 
> filesystem by end-users. We request discussion on this as a new standard. The 
> URL to get to the document is:
> http://www.csis.gvsu.edu/~abreschm/uafhs/

From a usability POW hidden files (and directories) are very bad.
I must admit I'm a bit horrified by the number of new hidden roots
you're suggesting to create (not only you duplicate classic / topdirs
but you also enshrine stuff like fonts that doesnt exist on the system

My proposal would be simple :
1. use a single or at most two-three top-level dirs in ~ (etc and the
2. at this point you can probably not hide them since they won't result
in too much clutter
3. do not try to keep current dotfiles/dotdirs in your spec but move
them to your clean file layout

As far as I know current $HOME clutter is what's keeping some people
from using it as their desktop (even though that the natural unix way).
Cleaning up the mess would certainly help there.

A good point is the way you follow / FHS layout instead of reinventing
yet another convention.

Anyway - I'm pleased to see someone working on this ! Most people seem
to have given up on ever cleaning up the home legacy dotfile mess.


Nicolas Mailhot

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