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Re: bts2ldap-Gateway is coming up again

* Josip Rodin (joy@srce.hr) [040307 13:55]:
> Why not hack your own schema? It doesn't look hard...

One thing needs to be done about the own schema: We need to define
attribute and object class names.

I'd prefix all names with debugs to get a uniqness into them.
The Names could be:
                 description                  how often can this attribute
                                                    be used per bug
debugsID         bug number                               once
debugsPackage    package name                             once
debugsStatus     bug status (open, closed, ...)           once
debugsSubmitter  submitter of the bug                     once
debugsSeverity   severity                                 once
debugsTitle      title                                    once
debugsDate       submission date                          once
debugsTag        tag                                      null-maximum
debugsMerged     bug number of a bug this is merged with  null-maximum
debugsMbox       all mails in mbox-format                 null-once
debugs           for the object class

Of course, debugsMbox would normally not be sent, but I think we
should reserve the name rather now for it.

Any comments on that?

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