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Re: [custom] Custom Debian Distros need the help from debian developers

El Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 08:45:56AM +0100, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Thu, 4 Mar 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> > Considering now that DVD readers and  burners are becoming cheaper and
> > more popular, this issue might be partly solved in the near future. On
> > http://www.debian-cd.com/ they already produce woody/sarge DVDs.
> On the other hand I think that CDs are the most popular medium we should
> care for and thus we should keeping a working CD solution in mind.

  Agreed, and for our purposes a DVD is only a bigger CD, the problems
  are the same, IMHO.
> > Would a general, CDD independent, framework for automatically creating
> > such ISO/DVD images make sense? For example  there might be scripts on
> > a server   which  take  care  of creating    and updating  such images
> > according to the dependences of  the task packages  of a given CDD, or
> > to some sort  of  rules defined inside  in  one of  its  task packages
> > (e.g. debian-med-cd).
> Yes this would definitely make sense and the problem can be split into
> two flavours:
>   1) A single CDD install CD for each CDD would be a nice thing to have.
>      I think the debian-edu project (=Skolelinux) is much in an advance
>      here.
>      => We need tools to build such a CDD install CD

  Maybe the independent framework for building the install CDs makes
  sense, but I think we should investigate the posibility of building an
  official CD generator for Debian that includes support for this,
  seeing the full Debian Distribution as the CDD that includes everything.

  Probably we can start by looking at debian-cd and looking at the
  changes it needs to be able to build CDD installers.
>   2) We need a (Knoppix derived) Live CD for demonstration purposes
>      for each CDD (see various threads on debian-devel and debian-knoppix
>      project on Alioth.
>      => We need tools to build an easily customizable Knoppix CD which
>         can be builded from scratch by using Debian-Mirror and Debian tools
>         exclusively.

  I also agree here, but I think we can try to design a new system (and
  tools) to generate Debian LiveCDs instead of using Knoppix.
  As I see it, this system has to be based on current debian tools when
  possible (i.e., using the debian-installer hardware detection
  subsystem) and support the generation of LiveCDs (maybe with an
  installation option, but for me this is more like a cloning option)
  and Debian Installers (using the current system, with different
  If this last functionality is well implemented it can be used to
  generate the official CD installer, allowing the creation of X based
  installers simply by generating a small live system that includes X
  support and graphical frontends for debian-installer. Of course this
  doesn't excludes the console based installers, it only modifies the
  way the installer's root filesystem is built.

> I consider 1) and 2) as different tasks because I doubt that you can get
> a clean installation if you use the install feature from Knoppix.  Moreover
> a more or less unattended installation process (as Skolelinux is doing it
> currently) is a vital feature and I doubt that we are able to combine this
> with the Knoppix approach.

  For me, the Knoppix way of installation can be included as an option
  on the Debian LiveCDs, we only need to use the debian-installer
  partition system and once the disks are formated dump the LiveCD
  image and install a boot loader using the debian-installer tools.
  If we do it the right way, our image generator should not put anything
  in the root filesystem that is not in the debian packages, all the
  customizations used on the LiveCD should be done only modifying /etc
  files and can be distributed on a different place (as a simple option
  we could use a tar file that is uncompressed in RAM once the system is

  Actually I don't have too much time to work on this issues, but as
  soon as I can I plan to write something and send it to Andreas for his
  paper and to this list for discussion.

Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org>   <http://people.debian.org/~sto/>
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