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"Recompile with libc6 from testing" <-- doesn't help i think! "removed" Debian packages section&BTS tags "su -" failed Re: #158930: python-pmw needs rebuilt against python 2.2 Re: *term -ls, a summary *themetodeb .list and .md5sums don't match up for some packages /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer being chmodd'd 000 on boot? 12 main items (E-12) SOHO你有兴趣吗?帮你月赚万元以上的机会. Re: [ardour-dev] ardour Re: [ardour-dev] Re: ardour Re: [d-devel-announce] Bits from the GLOSSARY [Internal Projects] Talks for LinuxDays Luxembourg [Internal-Projects] Re: what about etc files [ Re: unable to run flwm after upgrading libfltk1] [ Re: [AMaViS-user] Hang of amavis-postfix] Re: [ Re: perl 5.8 breaks amavis] [ Bug#159974: ax25-apps: File conflict with icecast-client] [OT] Re: Partnership [PHP] Placement of PHP programs? [PHP] Standard placement of PHP libraries? [RFD] optimized versions of openssl Ab heute ein ganzes Jahr ABI-compatability (was: Re: New control field proposal which could help on gcc3.2 transition) Re: Accepted bochs 1.4.1.z.cvs20020927-1 (i386 source all) Re: Accepted hpoj 0.90-2 (i386 source) Re: Accepted libgd 1.8.4-17.woody2 (i386 source) Re: Accepted openldap2 2.0.23-11 (i386 source) Re: Accepted php4 4:4.1.2-6 (powerpc i386 all source) Re: Accepted po-debconf 0.2.2 (all source) RE: Accepted syslog-ng 1.5.15-2 (i386 source) Advice on Makefile/rules ALSA rc3 packages uploaded to DELAYED/2-day Re: amavis build error on m68k announce: debian woody rebuilt packages announce: xcolorsel-gtk another REJECT Application for Employment / Contract Work apt-get autoclean for mixed installs apt-get url Ardour, Sound Agnula/DeMuDi Re: ardour are you a high-profile Debian user? Are you breaking the law? Re: ASSISTANCE/ You are free to investigate about my family background, especially my father wealth, but Treat this matter with utmost confidentiality and if for personal reasons this proposal does not meet your approval, please keep my confident and disregard this mail. I look forward to your quick response. Re: ASSISTANCE/ You are free to investigate about my family background, especially my father wealth, but Treat this matter with utmost confidentiality and if for personal reasons this proposal does not meet your approval, please keep my confident and disregard this mail. I look forward to your quick response. ATTENTION attn: bogofilter users autoconf weirdness autoreconf and automake1.6 Bad "TEST" alias - had wrong hostname in bash alias - Sorry binutils-dev dependency problem... bits about SE Linux Re: Bits from a WTC Re: Bits from the RM Bits from the RNC - Seeking updates for the Release Notes Re: Bits from the SRM Re: Bug#158683: ITP: oggasm -- MP3 to Ogg converter Re: Bug#159037: general: Time Problem Bug#159072: ITP: standalone-zodb -- an object database for Python Bug#159232: ITP: bluez-pan -- BlueZ Bluetooth PAN utilities Bug#159271: ITP: ogmtools -- Tools for handling Ogg media streams Bug#159302: ITP: mcvs -- a version control system that is layered on top of CVS. Bug#159385: general: install a package but don't have it's magic funcionality on by default Bug#159392: ITP: tetrinetx -- GNU Tetrinet server Bug#159496: ITP: libsdl-console -- Console for SDL application Bug#159522: ITP: gjay -- an automatic and learning DJ for xmms Bug#159523: ITP: rrdcollect -- RRDcollect - Round-Robin Database Collecting Daemon Bug#159554: ITP: gkrellmms2 -- GKrellM version 2 XMMS Plugin Bug#159574: general: Policy, Dependancy, Conflics - breaches - many Bug#159574: marked as done (general: Policy, Dependancy, Conflics - breaches - many) Bug#159606: general: Gnome packaging crash prone, Xsession. Bug#159618: ITP: dumpasn1 -- ASN.1 object dump program Bug#159626: ITP: libfam-ruby -- Fam bindings for Ruby. Bug#159635: ITP: iterm -- Internationalized Terminal Emulator, by Li18nux Bug#159641: ITP: netmon-applet -- GNOME2 Network Load Applet Bug#159651: ITP: bluez-bluefw -- Firmware loader for BCM2003 Bluetooth devices Bug#159686: ITP: gkrelldnet2 -- A dnetc plugin for GKrellM version 2 Bug#159717: ITP: python-crypto -- Cryptographic algorithms and protocols for Python Re: Bug#159749: ITP: xcardii -- GUI program to manage MuscleCard smartcards Bug#159749: ITP: xcardii -- GUI program to manage MuscleCard smartcards Bug#159750: ITP: libpam-musclecard -- PAM module for MuscleCard Framework Bug#159751: ITP: muscletools -- manage and personalize your MUSCLE supported smartcard Bug#159783: startx with default KDE Bug#159792: ITP: openmosixview -- Same as mosixview, but for openmosix Bug#159798: ITP: dvdrtools -- A fork of cdrtools with the primary goal of supporting writing to DVDs Bug#159823: RFA: tcl8.0, tcl8.2, tcl8.3, tk8.0, tk8.2, tk8.3 Bug#159845: ITP: libjttui-ruby -- Jakub Travnik's textmode user interface (JTTui) for Ruby Bug#159868: ITP: muscleframework -- MuscleCard framework plugins Bug#159892: ITP: vux -- a rating-based ogg and mp3 player Bug#159906: ITP: dpt-raidutil -- cli utilities for dpt_i2o based raid cards Bug#159919: ITP: agt -- Console frontend for iptables Bug#159950: ITP: pynfo -- factoid and bridging irc bot Bug#159952: ITP: pycrypto -- cryptographic algorithms for Python Bug#159972: ITP: tkantivir -- a Tcl/Tk frontend to H+BEDV's AntiVir scanner (German only) Bug#160004: ITP: snare-core - SNARE audit kernel module and the audit daemon Bug#160005: ITP: snare -- SNARE graphical user interface Bug#160014: ITP: libacme-brainfuck-perl -- Embed Brainfuck in your perl code Bug#160023: ITP: xa -- 65(c)02 Cross Assembler Bug#160024: ITP: c2n -- Tape transfer utility for CBM/Oric-1 machines Bug#160025: ITP: cbmconvert -- Converts different Commodore file formats between each other Bug#160075: ITP: e2recover -- An automated tool for ext2 undeletion Bug#160238: ITP: commons-logging -- The Jakarta Commons logging API. Bug#160262: ITP: commons-httpclient -- The Jakarta HTTP client-side implementation Bug#160284: ITP: po-debconf -- Manage translated Debconf templates files with gettext Bug#160444: ITP: opencola -- the Opencola soft drink formula Re: Bug#160507: hotplug: module removal makes shutdown take a long time and sometimes triggers Oops... Bug#160516: ITP: masqdialer -- daemon for controlling shared dialup links Bug#160526: ITP: mozilla-locale-it -- Mozilla Italian Language Package Bug#160580: ITP: portfwd -- Portfwd - Port Forwarding Daemon Bug#160601: ITP: snowdrop -- a steganographic text document and C code watermarking tool Bug#160642: ITP: drupal -- Drupal is a content management/discussion engine suitable to setup or build a content driven or community driven website. We aim towards easy installation, excessive configuration and fine-grained maintenance capabilities. Due to its modular design Drupal is flexible and easy to adapt or extend. Drupal is written using PHP. Bug#160664: wnpp: ITP: mozilla-locale-auto -- Automatic Language/Region selection in Mozilla Bug#160702: ITP: rssh -- a restricted shell allowing only scp and/or sftp Bug#160783: RFP: gnopernicus -- Screen reader for GNOME 2 Bug#160784: ITP: Digest::Nilsimsa -- Nilsimsa message digest algorithm Bug#160810: ITP: fceu -- FCE Ultra is a portable NES/Famicom emulator released under the GPL. Bug#160928: ITP: 7zip -- 7zip is file compressor which can handle many archive formats Re: Bug#160928: ITP: 7zip -- why this is ITP? Bug#161007: ITP: cl-lml -- Lisp Markup Language Bug#161174: wnpp: ITP: gtkterm - A simple GTK+ serial port terminal. Bug#161227: ITP: smcroute -- Static multicast routing daemon Bug#161338: debconf w/ charset encoding support Bug#161415: ITP: freevsd -- virtual server hosting and management enviroment Bug#161614: ITP: cl-tester -- A testing suite providing tools for Common Lisp programs to be automatically tested. Bug#161621: ITP: cl-inflate -- Common Lisp module to decompress a gzip, winzip, or jar file Bug#161664: [ITP]: ayam -- A free 3D modeler for the RenderMan interface. Bug#161669: ITP: phaser -- A console frontend written in perl to cdrecord. The last update was on 07:04 GMT Sun May 20. There are 2162 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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