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Advice on Makefile/rules

I've written a (little) program in Perl that I packaged for personal
use and everything works fine. Now I've been considering if I should
give it to archive so that people can use it. (This is an issue by
itself, so let's leave it for now.)
Even though the package, as well as the program itself, work fine, I
feel that I have to tune the package a little, if it's ever to
become part of the archive. So I ask you for help here as I don't
have much experience with Makefile/rules files.
My Makefile is pretty short: the "build": target only makes the
manpage from the .pod file and then "install" moves some files
around -- the program, the manpage and two scripts for
ip-{up,down}.d. What's with the "clean" target? Should I edit the
rules file at all? If there's a Debian-way, I probably have to
follow it, right? I've followed the procedure in the "New
Maintainers' Guide". And what about the log file? When and how
should it be removed (remove : purge)?



Here's my Makefile:

# edited for Debian GNU/Linux

BIN = $(DESTDIR)/usr/bin
SDOWN = $(DESTDIR)/etc/ppp/ip-down.d
SUP = $(DESTDIR)/etc/ppp/ip-up.d
MAN = $(DESTDIR)/usr/share/man/man1
#LOG = $(DESTDIR)/var/log/

	pod2man sumo.pod sumo.1

	install -d $(BIN)
	install -d $(MAN)
	install -d $(SDOWN)
	install -d $(SUP)
	install ./sumo $(BIN)
	install ./sumo.1 $(MAN)
	install ./dsumo $(SDOWN)
	install ./usumo $(SUP)

	rm -f $(BIN)/sumo
	rm -f $(MAN)/sumo.1
	rm -f $(SDOWN)/dsumo
	rm -f $(SUP)/usumo
	#rm -f /var/log/sumo.*

echo ${girl_name} > /etc/dumpdates

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