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Re: *term -ls, a summary

Isaac> Consider pdmenu.  If one runs a program in X using pdmenu, X
Isaac> has already created the login environment, so there is no need
Isaac> to re-initialize things.  

No, not in general.  It depends on your .xsession file, just like the
ssh case depends on your .ssh/environment file.

Isaac> Note that what this bug report aims for is a *lack of* special
Isaac> case.  Whenever I run a program as user, I want to be sure that
Isaac> I've inherited some login environment from some program that
Isaac> I've executed before, and that I've established that
Isaac> environment only once from the path that where the "init"
Isaac> program starts.  

But what if I _don't_ want to run "as a user"?  What if my .profile
contains interactive bits, for example, as is quite common?  Even
Norbert mentions that case ...  

Ian> Yes.  IMO login => interactive.

Isaac> This does not work well in practice, since then nothing else
Isaac> will be able to make sure that your environment is properly
Isaac> set.

Nothing?  That must be hyperbole, as your message makes it clear that
you know about the environment file.

Ian> Why couldn't you have a "ssh -c command" in .xsession, for
Ian> example?  I can imagine some quite practical uses for that.

Isaac> Hm... in ssh, -c means choose a cipher.  Perhaps you mean "ssh
Isaac> host command" instead.  

Right, sorry for that.

Isaac> And I think this is the core problem: the "command" is not
Isaac> executed in a pre-defined, user-controllable environment.
Isaac> Indeed, there is no flag in the ssh client that asks the server
Isaac> to create such an environment.  This is completely determined
Isaac> by the existence or absence of the "command" argument.  Which
Isaac> is completely broken.

Same answer as above: you _can_ do what you want.  It is merely a
matter of (in)convenience, editing another dotfile.  Is that really
worth breaking the non-interactive case?

Ian> Why do we have .bashrc and .bash_profile then?  Have you filed a
Ian> bug against bash already?

Isaac> No.  You can type "bash" to execute a new shell, and in this
Isaac> case the whole login environment is inherited from your
Isaac> previous login shell.

But that is not the only situation.  Another is su. cron and at yet
another.  Etc.

Isaac> Where is the easy ssh way to say "I want
Isaac> you to establish a complete session in the server"?

Okay, here you may be right.  Perhaps there should be a flag to
distinguish the two cases.  But _don't force me_ to execute my
.profile when I want to execute a single noninteractive command.

Isaac> If you find another program which has similar behaviour (ftp is
Isaac> perhaps a good choice in case it runs a program, but nobody use
Isaac> that so there is really no problem there), that is broken, too.


And I am _not_ going to argue over the brokenness of cron.

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