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Re: [RFD] optimized versions of openssl

On 09/04/2002 08:51:02 AM ilmari@ping.uio.no (Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker)

>> division and multiplication. Recompiling libssl with SPARCv8
>> optimizations speeds up logging in with ssh on an Ultra1 (SPARCv9) by
>> a factor of 6, IIRC. See the debian-sparc archives for details.

This is quite possibly the first time during the eternal debate of
processor specific optimizations on debian-devel, that someone has ever
posted real measured numbers, showing greater than single digit percentage
improvements for optimization.  That changes the debate.

In this individual case, I'd agree with you, it would be a great idea for
someone to create a libssl-*-sparc8 package.

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