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Bug#160004: ITP: snare-core - SNARE audit kernel module and the audit daemon

Severity: wishlist
Version: 0.99
Package: wnpp


I itent to package that software. I think it is useful and could (if the promisse of its developers is 
true) give the C2 certificate do Linux OS :-)

It's a extension for the Linux system made by InterSect Alliance Security 
(http://www.intersectalliance.com/projects/Snare/). It'a a host intrusion detection 
system and C2 style auditing, event logging for Linux. All is done without recompile 
the kernel (no patches, good :-)

It's licensed by GPL (General Public Licence) and if no objection, I would like to package it to 
Debian :-)


Gleydson Mazioli da Silva

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