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Re: Bug#160444: ITP: opencola -- the Opencola soft drink formula

On Friday 13 September 2002 23:17, Marcelo E. Magallon wrote:

>> What's the difference between OpenCola and anarchism?

>> anarchism - An exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice.

>  *thank you* for making my point. 

You're welcome :)
(no offense intended, only trying to cheering up the atmosphere)

> Packaging this kind of stuff just opens the door for people to say
> "if he did this why can't I?". anarchism is a horse beat to death. 
> It makes no sense to rehash that
> discussion. 

_MY FAULT_, did not know about it :)

> But the fact that it's part of the distribution doesn't
> mean we are here to package every possible combination of useless bytes
> out there.  I have a great recipe for Spaghetti Marinera, that doesn't
> mean I'm packaging it, does it?

Well, both Spagetti Marinera and OpenCola may seem more or less
useless, depending on the user vision of the group scope. For (Warning:
I've yet to re-re-re-read the Debian policy) what I see, Debian
is a good show of the world of opensource, so OpenCola, which was
high back in the .com&linux boom days and which is going to disappear
from the homepage, would be a nice addition. 

I also see your point of uselessness about it: it is not a sysadmin
manual, and it doesn't talk about linux so, from an operating-system
and free software [1] distribution standpoint, it is a useless bunch of
bytes, as it would be better in a cookbook, together with Spaghetti
Marinera. Also, it would be better too if someone mirrors it on his
own website.

The only thing I am perplexed with is: what is the line that
says which packages here in Debian are worthy of adoption and which
aren't? Are there some guidelines for us common-sense-deprived people?

Just to make you an example: once, when I was following
Kondara MNU/Linux the people there told me that packages good
for adoption where those that:

1) were linux software or documentation
2) could be easily translated to japanese locales (shift-jis, euc,
   preferably UTF-8 as well)
3) did not duplicate excessively the features from the packages
   that were already provided by the distribution

Are there some guidelines like this for Debian? [2] With 6000+
packages, and 12+ arches supported,[3] and growing growing growing,
the only thing that seems to be missing is the kitchen sink [4], and
I don't feel that the proposal of packaging both anarchism and
opencola as documents are so strange here. Well, OpenCola is less
stranger than anarchism, but the time I've seen the latter package
I thought: "Oh! Debian is not only closed on technical or geeky
media then".

Anyway, I understand your point, and I would say that Tollef's
direction is a good compromise as well.

Just the 2 euro-cents from a lazy bum who likes following

[1] I only wanted to mean a wider sense than "Gnu software
    distribution" only.

[2] No, I'm absolutely not saying that since there aren't any, people
    is free to do whatever they choose to do. Only that they are
    right to ask :)

[3] Numbers may be incorrect

[4] I know, I know... xemacs21 - Editor and kitchen sink

                       Davide Inglima - limaCAT
         "Mana is rapidly disappearing from the World, even the"
           "Mana Tree has begun to wither" - Seiken Densetsu 3

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