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Re: [PHP] Placement of PHP programs?

On Mon, Sep 09, 2002 at 08:30:33AM -0400, Anthony DeRobertis wrote:
> On Sunday, Sep 8, 2002, at 20:31 US/Eastern, Brian May wrote:
> >Can we have (if it is feasible and useable) a
> >/etc/apache/http.d/
> >directory?
> Sounds like a good idea to me. Though make it httpd.d, to be consistent.
> I think Apache already supports this; I think that is what happens if 
> you "include" a directory. Or maybe that's just a vendor patch I've 
> seen.
> Either way, it is a good idea.
> >
> >Of course, I haven't yet considered virtual hosts...
> Demand that things in /etc/apache/httpd.d/ must be allowed in virtual 
> hosts. The administrator can then customize the Include directive in 
> httpd.conf.

Yes, that's kind of what I was thinking of; the "default" config should
include everything in there, but only accessible from localhost.

The admin can either modify the access restriction or include the config
in the virtual host sections as desired.

There are actually lots of things which may want to be visible only to
the local host in any case -- the /doc alias, webmin, various db admin
packages (phpMyAdmin for example)...

It might be more flexible to use one include file to list all the other
includes which are desired rather than to just include a directory en-bloc.



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