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Bug#159574: general: Policy, Dependancy, Conflics - breaches - many

Package: general
Version: N/A; reported 2002-09-04
Severity: important

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux link 2.2.20 #1 Sat Apr 20 11:45:28 EST 2002 i586


I really like Debians huge collection and the fact that it gives the
user full liberty to choose.

However - the liberty is every harder use as many packages are no longer following either Debian Policy or the Debian Social Contract.

DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages have dependacies that don't actually exist.

DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages have 'conflicts' that don't actually exist.
	There are WAY to many example.  "gdm and xdm conflict":  Thats
	complete bull.  I use both.  They don't conflict.  They don't
	even need to use "alternatives" because they don't use the same 

	"xpaint and xfree86 conflict".  If you install the classic "xpaint" 
	then you have to remove X.  That's so brain damaged it has to be 
	criminal in origin.  Infact: force install xpaint without the
	"required" lib: you'll find it works great, the marking is bull.

	If I uninstall "exim" - "cron" is selected for removal EVEN
	THOUGH I've selected otherwise.  Obviously - cron doesn't need
	a mailer - but the system needs cron.  What kind of idiot marked
	that package?  Fact is: cron runs its service - mailer or no.

DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages break when "removed".  Reinstalling does not
correct.  Reconfigure does not correct.

DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages are marked as using libraries that they don't
actually use - causeing extraneous dependancies and conflicts.

DEBIAN BUG: 'dselect' is WAY to 'helpful' in removing packages you have
installed and preventing you from installing what you need installed.
For instance: SVGA and S3 are both needed on one of my boxes.  Is it
*really* necessary to have stop and reconfigure the installer every time
something simple and complete cogent is being done??  My point is: a
warning is appreciated.  But an "all stop - you can't do that" where I
have to go out of my way to install a package -- that's just bull.

DEBIAN BUG: dselect often removes packages which aren't selected for

DEBIAN BUG: the "remove old cache y/n" message too easily clobbers the

DEBIAN BUG: Many packages break once "removed".
	1) they do not remove all files (ok)
	2) BUT when reinstall - they don't reinstall all files
	3) you remove package, then all files, then reinstall
	4) --> you STILL don't have all the files required <--
	Gnome is one of these - but their are many.

DEBIAN BUG:  Many packages are *not* using the 'alternative' methods so
they can co-exist with applications using similar resources.


	John D. Hendrickson



Oh, and Have Fun :)

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