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Re: [PHP] Placement of PHP programs?

Matthew a écrit : 

 > As a kind of an adjunct to the other discussion on PHP libraries, what about
 > PHP programs?  Not quite so touchy, as I can't see a single way forward here
 > (and there's no blazingly obvious reason to do so).  So what are people's
 > best thoughts on the matter?  Most packages I've seen put their
 > web-accessible content in /usr/share/<package>, then either set up a
 > separate apache config and include it from the main apache config
 > (phpgroupware does it this way, for one example) while other packages modify
 > apache.conf more intrusively.  I'm a fan of the phpgroupware method, which
 > at least minimises pain.

Shouldn't webpage go to /var/www or at least /var/, and _not_ /usr/share
? We are talking about PHP, but it's still webpages after all.

The apache configuration should go into a separate file in /etc/apache/
which would be included in httpd.conf later; easier to modify I guess.

The software configuration should stay into the its location, the
software directory.

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