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Re: [PHP] Placement of PHP programs?

On Fri, 6 Sep 2002, Martin Schulze wrote:

The best thing would probably to split such a package properly:

/etc/$package/                for an apache.conf file and package configuration
/usr/share/$package/root/     for the DocumentRoot for this package
/usr/share/$package/include/  for additional include files[1]
/usr/share/$package/data/     for additional data files
/usr/share/doc/$package/      for documentation

Since PHP files, include files and data files are not arch-specific,
static and belong to a package they should be placed inside of the
/usr directory and not inside the /var directory

I am not agree with this proposal. As maintainer of phpnuke and postnuke, I had to use a different approach, as the main tree of this two packages include configuration files for running. Not only I mean the main configuration file of the package, but also a lot of files from themes which the user is very likely to modify to fit them to its need. Also the user is very likely to install manually new modules to this kind of software. So i chose /var/lib/$package to install, and wwwconfig-common to configure apache.

The Policy says /usr/share/$package if for not mutable files and architecture-independent, but some of these files have a mutable nature, so it
is not an option. It also says  /usr/lib/$package is for architecture-dependent
files. But as far as i remember it did not say anything about /var to be for
architecture-dependent files (it is no sense). So /var/lib/$package is a better option for software like that.

Please note that when I speak about config-mutable files, I am not only refering to the main config file of the package (which has been stripped to /etc/$package and linked to /var/lib/$package for the software to run) but also to a theme config files, which the user probably wants to modify in order to adapt the appearance of his site.

Hugo Espuny	hec@espuny.net

Debian maintainer of phpnuke and postnuke

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