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Re: [ardour-dev] ardour

On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 22:14:22 -0400
Paul Davis <pbd@op.net> wrote:

> debian claims more rigorous testing because of the numbers of
> people. that might be true. the problems start when a broken C++
> library slips through the door and users get it. there are only two
> ways forward from there: either they don't know about the problem, and
> it just bites them in mysterious ways, or they do, and they download a
> new library. this new library was necessarily built at a different
> time than the old one, and its there that the further mistakes can
> happen.

The biggest difference is that we (Debian) test applications along with

We try to provide ardour binaries along with the C++ libraries.

RedHat provides the C++ library only, and users try to build against them.

Debian has control over every library Debian ships, and application,
including ardour and all the dependency chain.
Just like you ship all your C++ libraries in your source tarball, we ship all
our C++ libraries as Debian.


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