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Re: [RFD] optimized versions of openssl

Christoph Martin <martin@verwaltung.uni-mainz.de> writes:

I'll try to find a way to include optimized versions of the openssl

I have still to decide which way to go.
I don't think that I am able to implement a solution where the
optimized code is choosen at runtime, because that need fidling in the
So the are some possibilities with separately optimized libraries:
- put them all in libssl
- put each one in a separate package which depends exaclty on the
  corresponding base libssl version
putting them all in the same package make the package somewhat bigger,
but makes it easier for the installer to configure the correct
setup. The second solution safes some disk space, but depends on the
user the install the optimized libraries herself.

- use different directories for each optimization and tune ld.so.conf
  to load the correct library
- use update-alternatives for the library

- give the user the possibility to choose the optimized version via
- try to find out which is the best optimisation 
These are only possible if all libraries are in one package


Also I need configuration lines for all the proposed different cpu
optimisations. Beginning with 586 we can use the assembly routines
which are optimised for 586.


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