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Re: *term -ls, a summary

Norbert> Also, X is grophical, so it makes sense to make it a special
Norbert> case.  If your .profile prints something to stdout, you
Norbert> wouldnt see it in the X case..  

Why couldn't you have a "ssh -c command" in .xsession, for example?  I
can imagine some quite practical uses for that.

Norbert> It does not make sense for ssh to have ~/.ssh/environment,
Norbert> and rshd to have ~/rshd/environment (I know that this doesnt
Norbert> actually exist), and for some third service to have a third
Norbert> location.  All of these spawn a shell, and the shell already
Norbert> takes care of the environment if started as a login shell..

Why do we have .bashrc and .bash_profile then?  Have you filed a bug
against bash already?

Norbert> "This is wrong, as every login or session (which is what ssh
Norbert> provides) needs to start with a login shell.  

Executing a command in an authenticated fashion is not a session.
Another analogy: su -c command.  Also doesn't read root's (or the
target user's) profile.

Norbert> shell has configured the environment, subsequent non-login
Norbert> shells can be spawned, and they will inherit the environment.

Norbert> Therefore, when executing commands, a non-ineractive, login
Norbert> shell should be run."

Norbert> Do you have a different idea of what it means?

Yes.  IMO login => interactive.

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