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are you a high-profile Debian user?

Hello all,

As the subject says, I'm interested in gathering information about
high-profile uses of Debian.  Here, "high-profile" basically means
something other a small home/office use; usually at an organization,
corproration, or government.  Good examples include deployment as a
standard workstation at a university or college, as a server for
well-known web sites such as Sourceforge and Thawte.com, or in a
high-reliability/availablity context (such as a life support system for
a hospital).

I plan to use these as examples in a talk I'm going to give about Debian
for a local users group, but I also plan to add it to the Debian web
site, for something similar to the OpenBSD users page:

Please fill out the simple template below.  Just reply by private mail
to walters@debian.org, and try to keep the Subject of the message the
same.  In your paragraph description, please try to mention details like
the number of Debian servers deployed, and why you chose Debian over the
competition.  Thanks!

Organization type: (e.g. nonprofit, government, commercial):
One or two paragraphs about your setup:

Here's a simple example:

Name: The University of Foobar
Organization Type: educational
At the University of Foobar, Debian "woody" runs on over four hundred
student workstations, and over thirty servers.  Our system
administrators have found Debian a pleasure to maintain; the rapid
security updates have ensured high availability.  Students have been
pleased with the wide variety of software available.  We expect to
continue to use Debian for a long time into the future!

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